Results: Lost 13 pounds.*

Goal: Manage Weight

Valerie Dercole: Women18-29

I want to say that I'm a different person than I was three months ago, but I'm not. I'm still me, just fitter, happier, nicer and wiser. I still enjoy greasy fried food, good German chocolate and pizza, I just eat them on occasion as a treat instead of seven days a week. I realize that my body has needs, and these needs change according to stress, my workouts, my schedule, the time of the month, and I adjust accordingly. I think I'm more patient with myself, and I know I'm more patient with my daughter and husband! Five years ago I quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey, and I found that for me to stay nicotine-free, it was necessary to change my lifestyle: drinking less alcohol, eating less crappy food, spending less time around smokers and spending more time with non-smokers. My priorities changed, and my world opened up with possibilities.

I'm finding that now, having completed Body-for-LIFE, my world is once again expanding; I'm connecting with interesting, motivated people, I'm exploring new interests, I'm reading more. I started a Couch-to-5K program, and I have even started practicing ballet!

Perhaps, most importantly, I'm more emotionally present for my daughter; I cherish her and enjoy her more than ever before. I see now I had been struggling with postpartum anxiety and depression before beginning the program. Life is just richer now that I feel I've got a handle on my health, and it’s less stressful. I look forward to living a long and active life with my family by my side!

* BODY FOR LIFE fitness goals vary by person, but through proper diet, resistance training and aerobic training, the BODY FOR LIFE program may help you achieve yours.

Individual results may vary.



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