Results: Lost 19 lbs of fat a built a positive mindset.*

Goal: Manage Weight

Sonya Faller

Being an obsessive thinker and very affected by stress, I had always been an emotional eater. My working out kept things in check…or at least that is what I told myself. As I aged, my metabolism slowed and my drive to exercise waned. Those factors, plus the choice to rethink the past, added up to a repetitive downward spiral both physically and mentally. I had to thin out the mental waste and learn how to truly forgive and let go (no small feat). Past failures, setbacks, wrongs, personal struggles, hurt are just that... PAST! I have learned to pull the positive from all my life’s lessons, even the bleakest ones, and use that to build a positive mindset. For the New Year, my chalkboard positive saying is: Let’s Get Lean in 2016! I was determined to complete my Body-for-LIFE Challenge this time. I was not going to let negative inner dialog sabotage my plan. I needed to reclaim my inner voice and live for now. I was telling the world, “I can and I will. Watch me!” Now I needed to walk the talk. Getting lean meant reducing waste twofold. My transformation was to learn how to feed my mind and my body because they serve each other. It’s your choice how you choose to fuel them. You can choose fuel that you know will sabotage one, which will eventually break down both; or you can fuel and build yourself up in a way that both will thrive. The power of choice: I chose to walk the talk. I chose the BFL path to success. “A sound mind in a sound body”. Harmony!

* BODY FOR LIFE fitness goals vary by person, but through proper diet, resistance training and aerobic training, the BODY FOR LIFE program may help you achieve yours.

Individual results may vary.



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