Results: Lost 56 pounds.*

Goal: Loose 50 lbs in 12 weeks

Matt Herholtz: Men 46+

My motivation for inner transformation was all about broken promises and proving that I could be in control of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually one day at a time, keeping my promises to obtain goals—to be in better control of my life, and to keep promises to myself, to my family/loved ones, friends and co-workers. For the longest time I had been living a life of behavioral lies, telling myself for years that “one day”, yes, one day I would get “back into great shape”—maybe not back to my college football shape, but close to it by making better health or lifestyle choices. But the long line of self-imposed “this is it” deadlines and unrealized New Year’s resolutions kept coming and going without my real commitment to change. I even made “pinky promises” with my teenage daughter that, despite THE BEST OF intentions, I shamefully never kept. In a word. I was failing. I was failing to follow the solid discipline principles I learned in my former military service: to take care of your body and self, that if not done then other things in your life will follow out of control; eating, exercising, risky living behaviors and how you literally treat yourself, and others impacting all aspects of your life. In the end, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Tired of being out of shape, of being out of control, and tired of breaking promises and being out of excuses.

Until Body-for-LIFE (BFL)—a 12-week mental and physical strength program—provided motivation, with crystal clear “what” and “how to” guidance on how to succeed. All I had to do was provide the desire or WILL. The turning point for me was brought on by yes, yet another broken New Year’s promise that I made to my wife and daughter on January 1st, 2014 to take care of myself and get back in shape. That day came and went with no commitment from me, and, of course, no change. The true definition of insanity—to continue to do the same thing day after day—not changing—but hoping for a different outcome, without a real commitment to change your behavior positively—that is insanity. Then my 87-year-old godfather uncle, a former U.S. Navy veteran of the1944 WWII D-Day invasion to liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny, passed away without me saying good-bye, on February 20, 2014. It was hard—and after he, the last of my father’s family, passed (my dad passed in 2009 due to poor lifestyle choices, and yes, I had promised after his death nearly five years ago to “do something” too), enough was enough—I decided to cross the abyss. My daughter took “before” photos, and after baseline measurements, I got started.

At first, everything seemed so very awkward, and very slow, with little results, but within a couple of weeks, as awkward became more routine, and I actually looked forward to planning meals and doing my workouts, I began to feel and see a motivating difference while rigorously following the program. My biggest tips are to take accurate baseline measurements (numbers measure results) and get a heart-rate monitor to track your training progress –trust me, if you follow the program, your “before” numbers and metrics will “tell your story for you”. You cannot manage what you do not measure for progress. This undeniable positive reinforcement is crucial for motivating me/us through those inevitable setbacks, which are opportunities for challenge—to trip us up—just like in life. Then, after starting the BFL program, my 88-year-old mom suddenly passed away—dealing with the loss of two loved ones in three weeks severely challenged me to remain on track—but I was committed now and had “momentum”. Momentum is a strange but powerful thing. It’s about building up a head of steam, but it applies in both good or undesirable ways—and once “in motion” in a direction or way of habits or thoughts, it is difficult to turn it around, both for staying positive and turning negative bad habits into positives. The best part is the overall sense of not only physical renewal with more energy and a sense of better well-being, but the spiritual renewal as well that one truly experiences in setting difficult goals and having the discipline and control to succeed in accomplishing them. The difference between unfilled promises and broken dreams is a dream made into reality. With physical and mental discipline or toughness, I built self-confidence, which drove me to excel to make more goals, to push myself with positive momentum, propelling myself forward, setting positive examples to help and serve others in more expects of my life, in business, in personal relationships, spiritually and in all life facets to share my success to motivate and help others. The BFL program/team changed my life for the better and forever, and now at 56 years old, I have my life promises and dreams back, and I ain’t never looking back. Thank you BFL for giving me the strength to believe in myself to make and keep unkept broken promises.

* BODY FOR LIFE fitness goals vary by person, but through proper diet, resistance training and aerobic training, the BODY FOR LIFE program may help you achieve yours.

Individual results may vary.



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