Goal: Manage Weight

Results: Gained muscle & transformed fat to fit.*

Joshua McCarty, 2017 Champion

“I was tired of being fat and lazy. I want to be a role model for my kids and my students. To do that meant I had to make a change. I am no longer embarrassed to take my shirt off.”

I am really not a touchy feeling emotional type guy to talk about an inner transformation. I however had a change of heart. I never really understood how people could let themselves go and gain so much unwanted weight or why they didn't like working out. Now I see things differently. I see the frustration you get when the weight isn't disappearing quickly. I see the pain of injury that can hold some one back from achieving success. I see how the fat can destroy your confidence, change how you dress, change how you think. I see how easy food can win because you except the idea of being fat. I see the emotional struggle and where an injury can begin that snowball rolling. How 3 months turns into 6, then 12, then 3 years later you can't figure out how you got this big.

In the past, I just didn't see the struggle and now I see it and I was lucky enough to want to change early on before it got really bad. My inner transformation is that I get the struggle and I know that it isn't easy to win back your body once you have let it go. I have a perspective that sees possibility and feels the pain.

* BODY FOR LIFE fitness goals vary by person, but through proper diet, resistance training and aerobic training, the BODY FOR LIFE program may help you achieve yours.

Individual results may vary.



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