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Jackysie Calderon and Jose Roa



Results: Jose lost 14 pounds of fat and Jackysie lost 15 pounds of fat.*

Goal: Lean and tone

Jackysie Calderon and Jose Roa

For a long time now there’s been a knocking on my door. When I to go open it, it’s ME. ME screaming, yelling “Remember me?”! For a long time I’ve ignored her, turned my back, looked the other way. I had a husband and four children to care for. Meanwhile ME faded into the background and as a result it left me feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I knew my husband felt the same way, working 12-hour shifts most days and coming home to a tired wife, a teenager and three kids under the age of six.

There were plenty of late-night conversations on how we needed to change our behaviors and mindsets. Instead of inspiration, I would worry that what we talked about would never see the light of day and would wither before it ever had a chance to flourish. Past attempts proved it so.

That’s when I thought of you, EAS! It came to me that maybe if we see the end result as a reward instead of something obligatory, it will motivate us in the right direction. So we took up this Challenge. I’m proud to say we did it together as a Team.

Since we began this journey, we came to realize that a Challenge it was. It wasn’t always easy but we kept with it. Step by step, one at a time. We are more conscious, alert and stronger both physically and mentally. We have been an inspiration to each other and to our children, who many times joined us in our sessions.

My one-year-old knows how to squat. My four-year-old has monitored her breathing and my six-year-old knows the definition of sets and reps.

Thank you EAS and Body-for-LIFE for this opportunity you have given us to prove that if you set your mind and are consistent you will see results!

* BODY FOR LIFE fitness goals vary by person, but through proper diet, resistance training and aerobic training, the BODY FOR LIFE program may help you achieve yours.

Individual results may vary.



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