Results: Lost 68 pounds.*

Goal: Manage Weight

Devin Wood: Men 30-45

“You’re Either In or You’re Out”

Is it possible for somebody to be in shape but unfit? If so, I was definitely that person. In the last 14 years of my life, I have endured four years of college basketball, multiple sprint triathlons, half marathons, bike races, rec ball, church ball (which I don’t recommend) as well as numerous outdoor weekend warrior adventures. Oh, and don’t let me forget, I even ran a marathon (Clydesdale division). I have always had a workout regimen and physical goals and challenges that I was striving to achieve or train for, and I always figured that I knew, and was living, a good nutritious life. How hard could it be, right? Eat your fruits, vegetables, lean meats and stay away from the cupcakes and other treats. I was doing all of these things, and yet, I didn’t have the physique that one would assume someone my active lifestyle should possess. I was beginning to believe that I didn’t have the genetics or body type to achieve the shredded, ripped look that so few people maintain. Those who had that body were “just born with it”, and I was part of the unfortunate group that had to deal with, as my family would say, “the Wood butt”. Eight weeks ago, I found myself in the category of the unlucky, unfit and unchangeable.

Just a few days after the New Year began (2014), I was watching a televised basketball game. Reggie Miller quoted the former NBA player and legend, Pat Riley, concerning players’ promises to the team. “There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either IN or you’re OUT. There is no such thing as life in-between.” Wow! This hit me hard to the core. Yeah, I said core; you know, the portion of my body packed in fat like 100 linemen guarding the quarterback. That statement made me take a hard look at the commitments and promises that I had made in both my personal and physical life. Was I still committed to things that I had promised, or was I somewhere off in life in-between? Had I ever been fully committed to a diet or transforming my body? That was it! I was going to commit to changing my body, and I was all in! It was time to do everything right! It was then and there that I had decided to do everything that was needed to make the change.

My first step was to set goals of what I wanted to achieve and then develop a plan to reach those goals. Having read the Body-for-LIFE book several times, I understood the principles I needed to incorporate into my planning. The plans that I set for myself included cardio two times a day, six days a week; along with five days of weight training. As far as diet and nutrition were concerned, I decided to commit to taking all the recommended supplements. Along with that, I decided no more cheat meals for the entire 12 weeks. I chose these goals because they were less of a weight goal and more of a will-power goal. I knew that if I could just fulfill these goals, the transformations I wanted would take care of themselves. I committed to the plan and was eager to go to work!

My first challenge came shortly after when I saw the cost of supplements and replacement meals. I considered pardoning myself from this portion and told myself I could cut this corner. Did I really need to follow the plan exactly? It didn’t take long to remember the commitment that I had made with myself. I was all in! That meant doing everything right. I continued on with the program, bought the suggested supplements and replacement meals, and I felt good about my commitment. I was doing it right! It wasn’t long after that, that I found myself joining a local gym and its competition. When asked if I wanted a personal trainer to push me along the way, I dismissed my subconscious hesitancy and signed up for one. I was soon well on my way to a healthier lifestyle. My family and I looked forward to cooking new and healthy meals. This was a vast difference from my past experimentations in the kitchen, considering a previous recipe my coworkers and I invented called “The Spam Sandwich” (scrambled eggs and fried spam smashed in between two glazed donuts).

As far as my dedication to working out, I was religious with the twice-a-day cardio, and I lifted hard five days a week. By the fifth week of the Challenge, I began to notice a huge change in not only how I looked, but also how I felt and acted. What was once hard and resentful became routine and desired. I was finally well on my way to transforming both my body and my mind. I developed an appreciation and confidence in the supplements and products that were aiding in my success. I am excited to continue seeing them enrich my life. I found pleasure, excitement, and satisfaction in the way I was living my life. I enjoyed the challenge of being “all in “.

It is amazing to me how fast a body can change if you take care of it. I started this challenge at 261 pounds and 25% body fat, and I now weigh 193 pounds and have 10% body fat. My transformation seems to be the topic of conversation now wherever I go. I love sharing my experience when people eagerly ask how I accomplished this incredible goal. I have found a new passion in sharing my story with others and encouraging them on their own journey to being their best selves. It feels good when people call me inspiring; it wasn’t long ago at all that I was looking for that inspiration. In order to keep progressing and improving, I have set another goal. I want to get down to less than 8% body fat, and I know for me to achieve that, and any other goal, that I need to go “all In”.

* BODY FOR LIFE fitness goals vary by person, but through proper diet, resistance training and aerobic training, the BODY FOR LIFE program may help you achieve yours.

Individual results may vary.



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