Results: Lost 19 pounds, over 22 inches and decreased body fat from 32.4% to 18.6%.*

Goal: Manage Weight/Toning

Carolyn Aragon

At 50 years old, I found myself overweight, joyless, tired and out of shape. I realized I would not have a quality life or live very long if I did not change. I have struggled with my weight since childhood, becoming healthier and fit during high school and my career in the Air Force. After leaving the Air Force, working a full-time civilian job and raising five children, I quit making exercise and fitness a priority.

A friend told me about the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge in 2000. I entered but did not complete the Challenge. I read the Body-for-LIFE book that I had saved for twelve years and visited the Body-for-LIFE website. This time everything clicked. I knew this time would be different because I was determined to succeed.

I transformed a portion of my basement into a home gym using weights, benches and equipment left behind by my children. I hung a poster with a quote by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, which reads, “The surest way to not fail is to determine to succeed.” Then I ordered EAS®/Abbott Nutrition products, made workout and menu plans, and kept logs. Having well-designed plans plus keeping logs and a photo journal helped me stay on track. I also found inspiration on the Body-for-LIFE website. I read Success Stories and the Forum and accessed information through the online Library and Challenge Tips section.

My original goal was to lose twenty pounds, gain muscle and become fit and healthy. Over the past twelve weeks, I have lost nineteen pounds, over twenty-two inches and have decreased my body fat from 32.4% to 18.6%. I have muscles! I feel fit, strong and energetic and have increased self-confidence. My clothes fit better; I am happier, more productive and am sure I have added years to my life.

When family and friends comment on my transformation, I tell them how simple it is if you commit to the Body-for-LIFE principles and plans, use the EAS/Abbott Nutrition products and keep your promise to yourself. My husband has even started working out with me!

Throughout this journey, I have learned a lot about my body and myself. I feel more balanced and healthier than I have at any age. I have rekindled my passion for working out and I have modified the way I shop for groceries, cook and eat. When I wake up in the morning I am full of energy and can’t wait to start a new day.

I did my Challenge June-September 2012. I chose the fireworks swimsuit for my “after” photo because of the association with the 4th of July, summertime and for this to be a permanent transformation to a healthier lifestyle.

Although it was one of the proudest days of my life, I was a little nervous standing there in my bikini to have my “after” photo taken. I have spent a lifetime avoiding mirrors and photographs. Having the photographer (who has taken numerous fitness photographs) say I looked great was the icing on my EAS Lean 15™ bar!

I have completed this Challenge but I still have some additional sculpting to do. I plan to continue my workouts with increased weight and an additional emphasis on cardio and core. I don’t view this as the end of the competition but as the beginning of a new life. I have a great start on a fantastic Body-for-LIFE, and at 50 I have proved – it is never too late!

* BODY FOR LIFE fitness goals vary by person, but through proper diet, resistance training and aerobic training, the BODY FOR LIFE program may help you achieve yours.

Individual results may vary.



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