BODY FOR LIFE is a 12-week fitness and nutrition challenge designed to educate and empower participants not just to “get in shape” but to reach higher than they ever dreamed they could. Over the years, our program has helped to transform more than 4 million bodies and lives.

At BODY FOR LIFE, our overarching goal is simple: to enable you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be—in body, mind and soul.

BODY FOR LIFE is based on proven principles from the best-selling book, “Body-for¬-LIFE: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength.” When it was published in 1999, it became a phenomenon, a New York Times best seller for seven years, with more than 4 million copies were sold in 20 different languages. In 2003, USA Today listed it as one of the top all-time fitness books, and it remains the driving force behind the BFL program and community.

Today, that vision continues to inspire people of all walks of life to transform their bodies, minds and lives, with the support of EAS products and a thriving community of former BFL challengers and champions.

Our simple, systematic program has helped millions burn fat, build muscle, regain confidence and make life-changing transformations they never thought possible. Here’s how:

The core principals of BODY FOR LIFE are weight training and aerobic exercise performed with intensity, in concert with balanced nutrition and several small meals a day—and together they form a practical promise of success.

We provide competitors with an exercise training schedule and information on proper nutrition and supplementation to attain specific 12-week goals. Then, we pair our systematic, actionable plan, with support from a community of like-minded people and a little healthy competition.

Throughout their journeys, challengers are invited to engage in the BFL forum, where a thriving community of former champions and participants support one another by sharing stories, progress, tips and motivation. They’re also asked to set goals, track progress with before and after photos, and record their inner transformation in a short essay—all of which can be submitted to win the grand prize in their category. Challengers are judged on their physical transformation through before/after photos and on their internal transformation which they recount in Inner Transformation Questions/Essay.

At the end of the day, people find and return to BODY FOR LIFE because they’re unhappy with the state of their bodies or their lives, and they’re ready to make a change. BODY FOR LIFE sets them up for success with the knowledge and motivation they need to truly transform their lives.

*Although BODY FOR LIFE is sponsored by EAS, a subsidiary of the Abbott Nutrition Division of Abbott Laboratories, that creates and markets proven sports nutrition products, the focus of BODY FOR LIFE is on lifestyle change, not sports nutrition products.

Although these products may help you see results more quickly and make the nutrition portion of the program more convenient, one does not need to use sports nutrition products to achieve great success with BODY FOR LIFE. If you are interested in learning how sports nutrition products can help you achieve your fitness goals, we provide a tremendous educational outlet with our on-site call center that is available five days a week to help educate all customers on proper use of our products, supplementation, nutritional tips and exercise-related questions.