Success Stories

Tom Archipley

Champion 1999 Archiplay


Products Used: Myoplex® Shakes

Results: lost fat and gained muscle*

Goal: Lean and Strong

Tom Archipley

“I got more out of the Challenge than I put in to it,” Tom says. “My momentum made things happen that I never expected.” Family and friends could see the physical changes, but it was the changes in Tom’s spirit and attitude that they were most curious about. “I get energized sharing my story with them, answering their questions, and helping them get started with their own transformations.” Tom helped his mom with the Challenge as well and she lost 15 pounds of fat. “This Challenge has made me a better person,” Tom says. “By confronting my fear of failure and changing my habits and outlook, I have developed my character along with my body and health.”

* Individual results will vary

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