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Tim Kravchunovsky

2010, challenger, Kravchunovsky


Occupation: Network Engineer
Results: Gained 15 pounds of muscle*

Tim Kravchunovsky

15 years ago, my family immigrated into the United States. I went to school then started working as a Network Administrator while studying for this field in the University of Maryland. On evenings, I would go to the gym and workout 2-3 hours each day. Although now, when I look back, I had no idea what I was doing back then. I loved the lifestyle and that’s all that mattered.

For 10 years everything was great and I had a life one could only dream of. In 2003, I opened my own construction company and left my full time job as a consultant at World Band to do a single, small, remodeling contract that I had lined up. It was a bold move, because I had not established clientele and no funds for advertising and after this project was complete I would have absolutely nothing to do. However, being in my early 20s, I was not giving this much thought and was living one day at a time. Fortunately, word started to spread about my company quicker than I anticipated and before I knew it, I had work lined up for 4 months ahead! Did I say that things were going well? Yes, a little too well as a matter of fact. I was so busy with work that my evening gym routine was shattered and although I was still paying for my membership, I seldom went. Over the years, I kept my membership active, hoping that I would one day go back. But before I knew it, I was 210 pounds of solid fat. After work I wanted to lie down on the couch and have a couple of beers with a bag of chips. I went from a fairly good-looking, athletic guy to a 29 year old with a beer gut and a double chin. One day I looked at myself in the mirror and knew that it was time to take control of things before it got completely out of hand.

Unfortunately, my luck began to turn and everything that I worked so hard for had to come to an end. That happened when the US economy crumbled and construction sector began to suffer the most. None of the houses I built were selling and with tens of thousands of dollars in monthly expenses, I could not hold up for very long. Eventually, to cut the losses, I had to give away my houses for less that I spent to build them and found myself in debt. Because of finances, ongoing remodeling projects turned into a total nightmare. My employees started to leave and look for jobs in other sectors that were more stable. Out of desperation, I had to put my construction company up for sale in hopes that someone with more capital would come through, survive the down flow and continue to revive what I had worked so hard for. As I was looking for people that could buy the company, time ticked, expenses increased with every day and my reserve was depleted. My stress levels were so high that I literally aged by 10 years; my hair started to fall out. I became even fatter and fatigue was taking over me. I was starting to doubt my abilities as an entrepreneur and manager. I finally found someone who was interested in my business, but he knew that all the cards were in his hands. No one in the right state of mind was even remotely interested in buying a construction company in this economy. In seeing my depression, the selling price was bargained down to pennies on the dollar. Fortunately enough, while I was in the process of the selling the company, I found a good job on TV as a network engineer; my degree and previous experience paid off. I don’t know what I would have done without them. 

My first couple of weeks on the job, I was still thinking about my business and it seemed almost surreal that at 5pm, my day was over and with no further obligation or responsibilities, I could go home and not have to do anything work related. Several months later I started getting used to my new lifestyle and my stress levels started going down, but I still had no satisfaction with myself. I wanted to do something mind blowing and show everyone once again that I CAN! Nothing was coming to mind, I was thinking I could start another business that was recession proof, but I was afraid to touch anything and once again burn. I knew that if that were to happen, I would not be able to prove to myself that I was capable of accomplishing something ever again.

One day, I went to a local Starbucks that was adjacent to Barnes & Noble, got myself a coffee and wanted to relax and read a couple of books on fitness that would help me get my motivation back. I grabbed a pile of books and sat down on a chair with my coffee and started flipping through the pages. All of the pictures of different exercises were extremely familiar and did not do much in terms of motivation. As I was getting ready to leave, I opened a cover of Body-for-LIFE® book and started looking through the before and after pictures of people who completed the transformation. I remember thinking about how I used to be a gym rat and how I loved working out, and had fairly good results. After I put two and two together, there was no doubt in my mind that I could do this program and succeed. I had heard that muscles have somewhat of a memory and that I should see good results if I followed the program and worked hard at it. Even if it meant that I would not win the overall contest I could still prove to myself that I could do something, it was just the kind of boost and motivation I was looking for. So I left the store with a book and decided to acclimate my body and do a little bit of cardio for a week before I started the program. After a week of cardio, mental and meal planning preparations, I started the Body-for-LIFE® Program and completely changed my diet overnight. I knew that it would not be easy so I stuffed myself with all of my favorites before I began.

After the 2nd week I already started seeing results. I had more energy during the day; my strength was going up from my well balanced diet and cardio was getting easier to do. Half way through the program, I started to see some amazing results, dropped a lot of body fat and started getting the compliments from piers and from people at the gym. Everyone was wondering what I was doing and getting the results so quickly while they were working out for 6 months to a year and saw little to no results. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I told about the Body-for-LIFE® Program. At the end of my 12 weeks, I am one of the leanest and most muscular guys in the gym. I went from about 26% body fat to less than 10% and gained a lot of lean muscle.

I am very pleased with the results and I would like to thank everyone at EAS® and all of the previous contestants for giving me this motivational boost; I couldn’t have done it without you! It feels great to finally accomplish something, but it is still hard to believe that after 12 weeks, people at the gym are already seeking advice from me. With this program, I have totally changed my mind and my body. I said no to alcohol and finally at almost 31 years of age, I look leaner, stronger and feel better and younger than I ever did.

*Individual results may vary.

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