Success Stories

Theresa Rogers

2010, challenger, rogers


Occupation: Health Care Recruiter
Results: Lost 18 pounds of fat*

Theresa Rogers

Here I sit at my desk staring at my beloved mothers photo. My mom became obese in her 50’s and her health problems began…high blood pressure, strokes, and ultimately severe dementia. At 53, I see myself following in her footsteps. No, I’m not obese yet, but I see it coming, I’m 5’7”, 150 pounds, mooshy and gooshy. I’m eating poorly. It’s normal to have a pint of ice cream each evening after work! Hey, I deserve it…I work hard! Not! What I truly deserve is a long, healthy life.

Studies show lack of exercise, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity are factors leading to dementia. Oh, I’ve been told many times by family, friends and co-workers that weight gain and muscle loss are normal for a middle-aged woman as myself and to accept it. Not!!

I did research on all different diets and exercise plans and discovered Body-for-LIFE®. With Body-for-LIFE® you are living a normal healthy lifestyle. It’s a well-rounded diet with no weird, strange foods and I wouldn’t be starving myself.

I started my Challenge on January 11, 2010. Oh boy, I got rid of all the junk food, ice cream, and unhealthy foods in my house. I created my menus and workout plans on paper with the forms from I purchased the Myoplex® bars and shakes making it easy and handy on my busy meeting days at work.

The Body-for-LIFE® website community was great support and kept me motivated. These people really care. Week after week during my Challenge I was feeling more vibrant, stronger and happier. I talked and talked about my Challenge to everyone who would listen to me. My grown children were great moral support for me…”mom, you CAN do this.” And oh my goodness, my clothes were getting big on me and what do I see…yes…muscle!!! I started as a tight size 10 and in 12 weeks, I’m down to a size 4. Amazing, but doable. I’ve discovered my friends and family were wrong…you don’t’ have to be thick in the middle, mooshy and gooshy when you’re middle aged. I know Body-for-LIFE® put me on the right track to deter dementia. And I know for sure that a fit 53-year-old woman can still turn heads!!! Thank you Body-for-LIFE® for my new life!

P.S. Now I have my skeptical co-workers (docs, nurses, peers) believing… Body-for-LIFE® works!!

*Individual results may vary.