Success Stories

Chris and Brandon Callihan

2007 Champion Callihans


Occupation: Chris Service Manager/Brandon Student

Products Used: 100% Whey Protein, HMB®, Phospagen HP, Myoplex® Original, Muscle Armor®

Results: Chris lost 13 lbs. of fat while decreasing his body fat by 12% while Brandon added 10 lbs. of Lean Muscle and dropped his body fat into the single digits in 12 weeks *

Goal: Fat Loss


My family’s turning point has been in the making for the last 6 years. A downhill slide that we never saw coming. Ever since we moved from Alaska to Arizona, each one of us went in a different direction. I work 13 hours a day, my son goes to school all day and hangs out with his friends at night. Next thing you know we are not a family anymore. I’ve gained a bunch of weight back, started drinking and became a couch potato. My son, who always made the All-Star Baseball Team, didn’t get picked for college ball. Feb 07 my son went end over end on a 4-Wheeler. The accident happened right in front of me. All I saw was my son all tore up lying on the ground, with a hole in the side of his leg. He had another baseball tryout coming up in June and the doctor said it would take longer than that to heal. At that point it came right down to making the decision to make a change. My son had seen what EAS® and the Body-for-LIFE® Program did for me 10 years ago and asked me to help him. By taking a good look at myself, how could I say no? We had to wait a couple of months for him to heal up some and then we jumped right in. It was hard at first but after a couple of weeks it got a lot easier. We would do our workouts every day. Soon it became an obsession. It wasn't just the workouts either; it was the time we spent together that you can’t put a price on.

Well three months later my son tried out and made the college baseball team. My son also competed in a Junior National Racquetball tournament. I have lost 15 lbs and my son has packed on some lean muscle. Both of our energy levels have gone way up. I feel better, look better and have my family back. Body-for-LIFE® helped me 10 years ago and it has continued to help us during the last 12 weeks, and beyond!

* Individual results will vary

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