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Suzanne Ihde

2007 Champion Ihde


Occupation: Stay At Home Mom

Products Used: 100% Whey Protein, Myoplex® Lite Bars, AdvantEDGE® Carb Control Shakes, ThermoDynamX®

Results: Lost body fat and toned lean muscle while going from a size 10 to a size 4 in 12-Weeks *

Goal: Lean and Tone

Suzanne Ihde

Throughout the better part of my life, I had always hoped of becoming a strong presence in the world – that I would make a significant impact and be remembered for something. Over the past few years, however, that dream had seemed to be moving further away to the point where I had almost given up hope of it ever happening. My family has a history of heart ailments and since I never grasped what it was to be healthy, I needed to start from square one if I was going to live a long healthy life. I also needed to learn discipline and find a belief in myself that was sadly lacking – a belief that I could actually succeed at something important. If I was going to transform this over weight and inefficient body, I needed a program that was understandable and practical. The moment I stumbled upon it, I knew that Body-for-LIFE® was that program. It emphasized a balanced nutrition and exercise plan, and more importantly, it broke it down in a simple, manageable step-by-step plan that anyone could follow—meaning – ME!

During 2006, I successfully completed repeated BFL Challenges I lived the lifestyle but I was weak in my discipline. I often made excuses for missing workouts and eating chocolate bars. I resigned myself to the fact that although I was now a basically strong, healthy and happy 35 year old, this was as good as it was going to get. Somehow, I allowed myself to be alright with that—to lower my original expectations and settle on a plateau that was far below what I wanted. It was "okay". It was "acceptable". It would do… and I imagine it would have remained that way but for the sudden death of my father. Isn’t it strange how it often takes a significant event to kick us out of the slump we have settled ourselves into? My father was only 69 when a massive heart attack took him from me in December of 2006. I flew to Texas to bury him and spent the entire weekend re-tracing my life, re-assessing my own mortality and admitting to myself that I truly wasn’t living life as I should be (for me and my family). At the end of that weekend, I made a promise to my dad that I wouldn’t make the same mistakes again. In every way possible, I would try to live a momentous life and not let anything hold me back. I would make up for the years that were taken from him by adding substance and meaning to my own. I never thought twice about how to do it. If I was going to transform my life, I had to get smarter, make better decisions, REALLY commit to a healthier nutrition and exercise regime, set bigger goals, and trust myself that I could accomplish them. For me, the best way to graduate a life transformation was through Body-for-LIFE®. I got home and hit the door running! I grabbed my BFL book and read it cover to cover. I set new goals. I restructured my eating habits and supplementation plan. I woke up before the sun and did my workouts. I pushed my lifts as if my life depended on it. I pulled out my journal and documented everything. Once my goals were set, I fought for them, and by living the BFL way, I achieved my goals one by one!

Now, 12-Weeks later I am in “THE BEST” shape of my life and although running is still a challenge for me, I am very proud to say that I am actively training and completing 5K runs.

As I reflect on this challenge, I realize that I am now the woman I always hoped to be. I may not be successful in business or money, I have yet to make a significant impact on the world, but I am successful in life and unafraid to challenge it! More so, I am a role model to my husband and three children and (dare I say it) my BFL Community! All I can do is keep it real and know that I finally own my identity! In the end, I have realized that the Body-for-LIFE® way has never been about taking time away from my family or sacrificing good things for hard training…but about giving my family a long life with me in it. It’s not about losing anything, it’s about gaining EVERYTHING! Thank you dad (Bill Carson), and Body-for-LIFE®. I love you both!

* Individual results will vary

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