Success Stories

Susan Grimes

Champion 2003, Grimes


Results: Gained 6 pounds of muscle and 9 pounds of fat *

Goal: Size and Strength

Susan Grimes

Just after completing her first 12-week Challenge, Susan’s 16-year-old son lost his life on a highway. She spent the summer in despair, but when the Body-for-LIFE® re-entry packet came her way, Susan saw it as a chance to get her strength back “in more ways than one.” Susan found inspiration by knowing that winter, and the potential winter blues were just around the corner and that she could combat them with a higher level of fitness. “Working out with either weights or aerobically has relieved pain, frustration and sorrow,” Susan says. And Susan gained her strength back and more with the Challenge. She gained six pounds of muscle and 9 pounds of fat. Sticking with the Challenge was one of the best choices Susan’s made this year. “Our legs are truly our foundation and by building up the muscle in mine I am much more able to stand strong in the face of this adversity.”

*Individual results will vary

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