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Susan Francis

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Occupation: Teacher
Results: Lost 15  pounds of fat 10% body fat*

Susan Francis

With my fiftieth birthday fast approaching and my hips continuing to spread, I knew I needed to make changes to my lifestyle. I put a lot of thought into it but little action, expecting to see results.

The past 3 years brought many changes to my life and most did not have positive results.  An emotionally difficult divorce, relocation from a small town to the “big” city, a knee injury, a mystery illness (I say passing a gallstone) and 15 pounds of excess weight.

I had been an active person up to this point in my life. But now I found myself sitting… sitting in traffic where I once walked wherever I needed to go, sitting waiting on my daughters at their activities because everything was miles from home, sitting…waiting yet on the go. The image in my head no longer matched my reflection in the mirror and I was at a loss as to how to find “myself” again.

My oldest daughter encouraged me to try the Body-for-LIFE® Program. I went to the website and found myself compelled to enter the Challenge. The plan is so simple – a perfect match for my personality – no counting calories, no counting grams of anything; Just simple, healthy choices.

As the weeks passed, co-workers and friends began to notice the changes. Compliments and inquiries of what I was doing came on a daily basis. I was more than eager to share my successes with the Body-for-LIFE® Program. Several of my co-workers are giving it a try. My energy level has increased and projects I had set aside are now completed. I can wear everything in my closet again and my “fat clothes” are bagged up and all ready for donation. I feel and look trim and strong. I have reached my goal of a 15 pounds weight loss and have decreased my body fat by 10%.

I will definitely be living the second half of my century in a healthier, more fit way, thanks to Body-for-LIFE®.

*Individual results may vary.

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