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Sarah Brown

Champion 2006, Brown


Occupation: Law Student

Products: CLA, Thermo DynamX

Results: Lost 18 pounds *

Goal: Lean and Tone

Sarah Brown

The day before I began my Body-for-LIFE® Challenge, I competed in an Olympic Distance Triathlon - 1 mile swim, 26 mile bike, and 6 mile run – in the middle of summer! The next day, I took my before pictures for the start of my Challenge. When I saw the pictures, I was very disappointed. This wasn’t how I was supposed to look after finishing a Triathlon! Exercising has always been something I’ve enjoyed. In college, I would wake up every morning at 6:00 a.m. and do thirty minutes on the stair climber, a weight workout, and on top of that I would finish off with a three mile run. But no matter how many miles I ran or how many minutes I spent on the cardio machine, my weight never changed. Looking back, this was probably because instead of eating properly in-between all my workouts, I ate pizza, cookies and any other junk food that were in front of me. Like most people who begin Body-for-LIFE®, I have always struggled with my weight. I could never stick to any diet that I tried, so I would just exercise more to counteract my bad eating habits.

After making the promise to change after seeing my before pictures, I cleaned all the junk food out of my refrigerator and stocked it with healthier foods. I also bought a journal so I could write down my goals, daily workouts and everything I was eating during the day. And of course, I stuck that before picture on the front page of my journal for motivation. Within a few weeks, I began to see so many changes – my clothes were fitting so loose that I actually treated myself to a “mini” shopping spree! All the compliments I started receiving about my appearance really boosted my confidence, and people were even asking to see my workout journal so they could do Body-for-LIFE® too.

I have to admit that before I began the Challenge, I was skeptical. Not about whether Body-for-LIFE® really worked, but whether I could complete it. I love to eat junk food, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to resist temptation. But now, I am proud to say that I have learned healthier habits I can use for the rest of my life - workouts, eating healthy, and learning to enjoy tempting foods in moderation. I also found healthy meals that I enjoyed just as much as the “Junk” I ate before (probably more because I didn’t walk away from the table with a tummy ache) and I even learned to cook!

Finishing my Body-for-LIFE® Challenge is one of the best things I have ever accomplished. At the end of 12-Weeks, I lost 18 pounds, and 10% body fat, and went from size 10 dress to a 4. I never thought I could look or feel this way. I am so proud of my accomplishments. When I compare my before and after photos, I finally see the body I expected to see after completing my triathlon. It feels so great to be healthy and fit, without having to spend hours on the cardio machine. I am competing in a triathlon next summer as well, and I think this time I might do it in a bikini!

Even though the first 12-Weeks are over, my Challenge doesn’t end here. I love my new lifestyle and nothing could make me go back to the way I was before beginning Body-for-LIFE®.

Thank You for helping me realize my full potential!

*Individual results will vary

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