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2009 UK Challenger

Stuart Schabram


Occupation: Certified Accountant
Lost 14 pounds of fat.*

Goal: Lean and Strong

Stuart Schabram

Stuart Schabram, 29, a certified account who lives outside of London, first heard about Body-for-LIFE more than eight years ago, when a few friends tried the program. Seven years later, another close friend started reading the Body-for-LIFE book and decided to try the program. Stuart was skeptical at first; how could someone have that much success by eating small meals, and, even worse, not being able to have chocolate except for one day a week? Six weeks later, his friend showed Stuart some progress pictures. “My jaw hit the floor; I could not believe the difference the program had made,” he said. “And so my journey began… “
Stuart had always wanted to become leaner and healthier, as well as learn more about clean eating, but he had never found a program that would motivate him and keep him focused. Body-for-LIFE changed all of that. He committed to the workouts, adding “It’s less than four hours of your life each week, which is a small price to pay for what you get in return.” The program also got him in the habit of planning his meals and bringing them to work. In fact, he discovered he was saving money by shopping for and preparing his meals in advance. “Once you are in the routine, I find it is very easy to maintain,” he adds. “It becomes a way of life rather than a time-consuming exercise.”
After 12 weeks, Stuart had dropped almost 14 pounds and measured in at a very lean 5.4 percent fat. His results also inspired many people around him, including his sister and her boyfriend and several colleagues at work. “The impact it has on people is really incredible,” he says. “It is such a motivating program, and it has spread like wildfire.”
Beyond the 12 Weeks
A year after completing the program, he has maintained his results, but continues to set the bar higher with new goals that include dropping down to less than 7 percent body fat and completing a 10K race in under 40 minutes. He would also like to earn a promotion at work. “It is important to set goals for you to work toward and as a way to measure your performance,” he adds. “I tend to set goals at least three times a year, sometimes more.”
Despite Stuart’s initial skepticism, Body-for-LIFE is now an integral part of his lifestyle. “About six months ago I attended a talk hosted by a clinical dietician, and I was already doing 90 percent of what he suggested thanks to Body-for-LIFE,” he says. “It was a very satisfying moment.”
Top Goal-Setting Tip:
Spend some time on this process; don’t make a rushed effort. Think about where you want to be, the time you expect it to take and what you need to get there. Monitor your progress against your goals on a regular basis, and give yourself goals that you know are going to push you; the reward is so much better.
Top Weight-Training Tip:
Do each exercise slowly with the correct form, which will not only prevent injury but also ensure maximum benefit.
Stuart prepares all his meals for the day the evening before, and brings them to work. He eats every three hours, and keeps a large water bottle on his desk to ensure he’s drinking enough water.
Meal 1 (8:45 am): Myoplex® Original shake
Meal 2 (11:30 am): Chicken breast, cottage cheese, vegetables and a sweet potato
Meal 3 (2:15 pm): Chicken breast, cottage cheese, vegetables and a sweet potato
Meal 4 (5:00 pm): Myoplex® Original shake
Meal 5 (7:30 pm): Salmon, sweet potato, broccoli and beans
Meal 6 (10:00 pm): Myoplex® Carb Control nutrition bar

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