Success Stories

Stef Pyle

2011 Champion Stef Pyle


Results: Lost 17 pounds of fat*

Goal: Lean and tone

Stef Pyle

To say that I have transformed is an understatement. Yes, I lost weight and changed my body, but more importantly, I retrained my mind in the process. The Body-for-LIFE Challenge was just what I needed to get my eating back in control. For the past 5 years, I have struggled with out of control binge eating. I basically ate crap to quiet my internal feelings of not being good enough. While I was pretending to be the "healthy" eater, I was secretly stuffing massive amounts of sugary food into my body. As I was bingeing in private, my excess poundage was there for everyone else to see. I was living a lie. I finally had had enough and dusted off my Body-for-LIFE book and reread it, cover to cover. I knew that if I followed the program, I could get my mind back to feeling worthy, and bring out the healthy ME that so desperately needed to get out.

I began a daily ritual of positive self-talk which, in the beginning, seemed like I was telling lies. It was hard to say GOOD things to myself. It didn't feel right, but I kept on. Eventually, it paid off and I felt worthy of success. I followed the program and because my MIND was in the right place, my body easily lost the weight. The mental aspect of this journey was so very important. Body-for-LIFE is so much more than a weight loss program. It is a Transformation of the MIND and BODY. I don't think a person can change one without the other. I feel worthy of all the success that is to come! I truly deserve it now!

* Body- for -LIFE fitness goals vary by person, but through proper diet and resistance training, the Body- for -LIFE program can help you achieve yours.
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