Success Stories

Sofi Jackson

2015 Champ Sofi Jackson


Results: Lost 20 pounds.* Goal: Manage Weight

Sofi Jackson

When I used to look in the mirror, I didn't just see the flaws that were there, I saw them continuing to get worse and worse. The book says what your mind believes becomes your reality, and I guess that was true for me but in the worst of ways. Sometimes I would plan to diet and break the diet early in the day before I even got hungry, just because I was afraid I couldn't stick to it, and I couldn't take the suspense. For most of this year I thought I was trying, but I was really just giving up over and over again. But then this program had something about it that made me really trust it. Maybe because it's been around for a while and because so many people have already succeeded at it. And I loved the part of the book where it says you have to create a game you can win. So I put my game together, made rules based on the program, and followed them. And it was funny, once I started the program, even before the changes showed up in the mirror or on the scale, I liked my body better already. Much better. When I was two weeks into the program, I went to the beach with friends, something I'd been dreading for months, and had a great time even in a bathing suit. At that point, I still had pretty much the same wobbly body as before, but I didn't care because I already saw myself the way I was going to be at the end of the Challenge, and I was so excited for it. Once I started to feel that way, it was easy to follow the program, and then the changes really did come quickly.
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