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Sherman Goodrich

Sherman Goodrich 2009 BFL Champion


Occupation: Sports Cartoonist

Results: Lost 11 lbs. of scale weight in 12-weeks*

Sherman Goodrich

Catching up with 2009 Champion Sherman Goodrich


Book ImageSince being crowned a Champion in the 2009 Body-for-LIFE Challenge, Sherman Goodrich has continued to embrace the Body-for-LIFE lifestyle. "I can't speak for others, but for me, staying on track was a gimme," he explains. "I have recurrent prostate cancer, and as such, I don't just live to exercise, I exercise to live. I absolutely believe that working out for the Championship helped save my life. Working out afterward helps keep me that way." Sherman is passionate about educating people on the importance of early prostate cancer detection. So passionate, in fact, that he's written a book about it. "The book is called The P Word?* A User's Guide to Prostate Problems," he adds. "Two or three chapters are devoted entirely to the Body-for-LIFE Challenge and how it affected my life." To learn more about the book, and how to order it, please visit Proceeds from the book will go to promote prostate cancer awareness.

Top goal-setting tip: Set goals every day. Research shows that those who are goal-oriented live up to six years longer than those who aren’t.

Sherman’s current goals:

  1. Staying alive
  2. Helping others stay alive
  3. Finding a publisher for my book

Top nutrition tip: Let moderation and portion control be your key to six-pack abs. I generally have five or six meals a day, two of which are Myoplex® Lite Ready-to-Drink shakes. I take one with a workout, which keeps my energy up and gives my body the protein boost it needs for faster recovery.

Top weight-training tip:
Rule #1: The EAS tagline “Don’t waste your workout”
Rule #2: Don’t overdo it.
Rule #3: Vary your routines.

Top cardio tip: Work up a sweat.

Living Life to its Fullest
How 2009 Body-for-LIFE® Champion Sherman Goodrich went from surviving to thriving

People enter the Body-for-LIFE Challenge for a variety of reasons: to lose weight, go down a few clothing sizes, get in shape for a special event or win some money. Sherman Goodrich’s goal was much simpler: to stay alive. He had been fighting a reoccurring battle with prostate cancer, and he was looking for any advantage he could get to win the war. “Cancer of any kind loves sedentary lifestyles and lousy diets,” he adds. After doing some research, he realized that Body-for-LIFE’s balanced six-small-meal-a-day nutrition plan and combination of weight-training and high-intensity cardio were just what he needed to fuel and strengthen his body. And, he admits, the money you win as a Champion was not a bad motivator, either. The fact that he was 70 years old and competing with men almost a few decades younger in his age category did not deter him, and by the end of his Challenge he had lost 11 pounds of scale weight, and felt better than he had in years. Sherman’s hard work and desire to not just survive, but thrive (as he puts it) did not go unnoticed by Body-for-LIFE’s team of judges, and he was crowned a 2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion. “While some people live to work out, I work out to live,” he explains. “I won’t kid you; living with cancer is a bummer; however, it beats not living with it. There is little doubt in my mind that was it not for the additional motivation that I got from entering the Challenge, I wouldn’t be here to tell the tale. What I got from winning the Challenge is what keeps me here.”

An Advocate of Health and Prostate Cancer Awareness

Sherman has not just succeeded in building a physique which men 20 or 30 years his junior would envy; he also builds upon his position as a Body-for-LIFE Champion to become a tireless advocate of prostate cancer awareness and early detection. “Cancer is on the verge of passing heart attacks as the number one killer in America,” he explains. “All of the advice in the world won’t help you if YOU don’t help yourself.” He’s been doing TV and radio interviews, participates in fundraisers, and just finished writing a book called The P Word… And How To Use It (A User’s Guide to Prostate Problems). This book, which describes his experiences with prostate cancer, also provides valuable tips to men on early detection. “Before becoming the 2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion, I was just another guy with reoccurring prostate cancer,” he says. “Then along came Body-for-LIFE. I went from surviving to thriving. It has allowed me to wear the t-shirt that says both Body-for-LIFE Champion and Prostate Cancer Survivor.”

A Champion, An Inspiration
Little did Sherman know that earning the title of Champion (one of Body-for-LIFE’s oldest Champions, nonetheless) also meant becoming an inspiration to countless people. “Some were inspired to enter the Challenge,” he says. “Others were inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle. And some were inspired to stare cancer in the face and put up a fight. In any event, nobody ever said that I inspired him or her before I entered the Challenge.”
It’s Never Too Late
Sherman’s experiences with Body-for-LIFE show that it’s never too late to start an exercise and nutrition program. “If you’re over 60 and want to enter the Body-for-LIFE Challenge, you may want to get a clean bill of health from your doctor,” he says. “If you enjoy it as much as I do, you’ll wonder whatever took you so long to get started. You can’t help getting older, but you can help getting old.”
Whether he’s sharing his experiences with Body-for-LIFE or espousing the life-saving importance of early cancer detection, Sherman is determined to pay his good fortune forward. “I can’t tell you how exhilarating it is mentally to be able to help others aspire to new heights,” he adds. “Or, in the case of cancer patients, to aspire to stay alive. Better yet, to live life to its fullest.”
* The P word" represents the opinions of Sherman Goodrich and not necessarily those of Abbott Nutrition. The Body-for-LIFE program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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