Success Stories

Richard and Tamra Frye

Champion 2001, Frye


Occupation: UPS driver & Computer Assistant

Results: Richard lost 70 pounds and Tamra dropped from size 10/12 down to size 2/4 *

Goal: Fat Loss

Richard and Tamra Frye

For Tamra, a computer assistant, and Richard, a UPS driver, working a health regimen into their daily schedules while maintaining their primary roles as "mom and dad” seemed to be an overwhelming task neither cared to tackle. The Body-for-LIFE® Challenge changed that. The Challenge provided the Frye’s a manageable way to achieve their health goals together as a couple while still maintaining critical family time.

As encouragement to each other, the Frye’s made it part of their daily routine to meet at the gym for a workout. And, they made it a family affair, taking the kids to the YMCA to swim. This approach enabled the family to spend time together while contributing to their new, healthy lifestyle. With Richard losing 70 pounds and Tamra dropping from size 10/12 down to size 2/4, their success has been remarkable. “We are a much better family now, closer than ever after completing this Challenge together.”

*Individual results will vary

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