Success Stories

Pete Holter

Champion 1999 Holter


Products Used: Myoplex® Shakes

Results: lost fat and gained muscle *

Goal: Lean and Strong

Pete Holter

One day Pete decided he had to make a change and do something with his life or continue on his path to total mediocrity. “After just two weeks into the Challenge, I was in awe,” Pete says. “I couldn’t believe the transformation my body and my spirit were going through! And now I have a take-charge attitude in all areas of my life.” Pete feels really good to be looking the best he has ever looked in his life. “I was looking for something greater to do with my life, and I found it,” Pete says. “But the best part is that it doesn’t end here. It just keeps getting better. This Challenge was the beginning to a new life for me.”

* Individual results will vary

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