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Paul Urciaga

2009 Champion Urciaga


Occupation: Self Employed

Results: Lost 55 lbs. of scale weight in 12-weeks*

Paul Urciaga

When I met my wonderful wife, at the age of 33, I considered myself healthy and even felt like I had plenty of energy. After 2 years of wedded bliss, I began to get lazy and developed unhealthy eating habits. Of course, the weight came on fast. I began feeling exhausted all of the time. I also began experiencing lower back pains, shortness of breath and knee pain. At 35 years old, and at 5’6”, I tipped the scale at 225 pounds. After a visit to my doctor’s office, I discovered that my cholesterol was high and that I was borderline high blood pressure. I knew I had to do something but was not motivated—I kept putting it off.

One day, my wife shared a conversation with me that she had with our neighbor about age differences. My neighbor apparently thought that I was much older than my wife. The weight that I put on had made me appear to look older. Her opinion could be based not only on appearance as much as I seemed to act much older because I moved much slower and with much less energy than my wife. In reality, my wife is 11 years older than me. It was then that I knew I had to get my health and weight under control if I wanted to keep up with her.

My wife’s co-worker told her about a Body-for-LIFE Challenge that she wanted to participate in. My wife had been encouraging me to lose some weight for health reasons and encouraged me to check out the program. She showed me the website which had a lot of helpful information and tools. There were many transformations that inspired and motivated me to get started so she signed me up for the Challenge.

I remembered Body-for-LIFE from my college years.  I even still have the first book! Well, after looking over the program, I ended up purchasing a second book from Body-for-LIFE. I checked out the Challenge round dates and started the same week of the last Challenge. First thing I wanted to do was to make a list of foods to purchase for my new meal plans. I got some helpful meal plan suggestions from the Body-for-LIFE website. I also purchased some EAS® supplements such as Myoplex®, L-Glutamine, and Betagen®. I did cardio, weight training, and ate 5 – 6 times a day.

In the first couple of weeks of my transformation, I found it hard with the training and new meals. However, as I began to see results, it only motivated me to stick to it and it became easier to follow my exercise and meal plans. I was so excited and I couldn't wait to see new results.
It’s funny how amazed people are by my transformation and they always want to know the secret of my success. That's when I tell them about the Body-for-LIFE Challenge. I actually have four people now interested in doing the Challenge. It’s a great feeling when I hear that I have become such an inspiration to them.

I am so encouraged and motivated by my own transformation that I have set a goal for myself to someday open a studio/supplement store in order to help others become healthy and fit the Body-for-LIFE way!  I want to thank Body-for-LIFE for their awesome program, website and books!  You guys are life-changers!

* Individual results will vary For healthy weight loss Body-for-LIFE participants should expect to lose between 1-3 pounds per week.

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