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Neil Haeger

2008 Champion Neil Haeger


Occupation: Self Employed

Products: Myoplex® Carb Control™ Ready-to-Drink, AdvantEDGE® Ready-to-Drink, Muscle Armor®

Results: Lost 39 lbs. of scale weight in 12-weeks *

Goal: Size and Strength

Neil Haeger

Like many Americans today trying to deal with our economic times which are bad enough, I ended up on the worst side that anyone would want to be on. Getting scammed out of all my money, 600K worth and having to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. All that I worked for my entire life went down the tubes.

I thought that after proudly serving my country in the Marines for 21 years and caring so much about others how could this happen to me! I went into a mental zone of depression for over a year. My best friend was Jack Daniels for goodness sake! I went way beyond what I ever thought, to the point of even wanting to end my life. I looked in the mirror each morning and not only saw a beached whale, but the biggest loser on the planet. Why would anyone want me, especially my wife! I thought to myself that if I don’t get out of this place in my life I will surely die!

My wife would tell me, “Neil honey, you are the only thing in your life you can control 100% so why don’t you just do it!” I thought long and hard about what she said and decided that I would do just that. I put every ounce of heart and sole into me. At first it sounded a little conceded but then again if I was not whole how could I be of any use to anyone!

I spent weeks researching self-help stuff and learning about nutrition and Body-for-LIFE® videos. Man was that motivating! The idea of doing something that could change how I look and feel about myself today, as well as something I could do for the rest of my life was thrilling to say the least!

I took my before photo’s and was shocked to say the least. It gave a new meaning to the saying, “a picture paints a thousand words”. Holy Cow Batman, did I have some girth in that photo! I blew that puppy up and hung it on my bathroom mirror with big words written on it saying, NEVER AGAIN! Each week that went by when I shaved in the morning I could see the change in front of me.

I can remember telling anyone and everyone that I saw what I was going to do and the many strange looks that I got from people, like inside they were saying “sure you are”. Each time things got a little hard during my program I would remember those strange looks I got and say to myself, “wait until you see me at the end of all this!”
As the weeks went by and I saw the change it motivated me even more. My energy went through the roof and internal spirit started to blossom again. I felt 20 years younger and alive again because of having a purpose! My wife even started calling me her “Little Energizer Bunny®!” People at the YMCA gym would come up to me and ask what I was doing to change my appearance so much. I would of course share with them my story and offer any help I could to motivate them as well.
I started this journey at 238 lbs. (39.4% BF), a portly 44” belly and 40” waist. I ended my 12-week journey at 199 lbs., a flat belly and a 34” waist. This is just the beginning of the new me, not the end!

I started looking at what happened to me and instead of feeling bad or sad about it, I looked at it as a sign that no matter what life deals you, you can get through it. You can conquer anything! “Man that is a powerful feeling!!!!!!!!!

I will forever be blessed because of BFL and will always do my best to help all to believe that anything is possible if you just take charge of YOU!


*Individual results will vary

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