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Nebraska Police Department

2006 Nebraska Police


Occupation: Police Officers

Products: Phosphagen Elite, Myoplex®, L-Glutamine ,Thermo DynamX®, 100% Whey Protein, CLA

Results: 107 pounds of scale weight lost and 25 pounds of lean muscle gained *

Goal: Lean-and-Tone

Nebraska Police Department

We started this program not as a contest against each other, but to ourselves. Each and every one of us has a variety of reasons for embarking on a program like Body-for-LIFE®. Those with families were starting to feel the fatigue of long, stressful hours. Those things important to us became a burden and our energy levels were barely sustainable. Several of us simply needed a drastic change in our lifestyle. In this profession there is no such thing as “workout time” or a “lunch break.” Those luxuries of scheduled events were just unrealistic. To be honest, with the meal suggestions and consistent exercise, a few of us were skeptical about the opportunity to succeed in this program at all. We held a kick-off meeting on February 10th to look at the Body-for-LIFE® website. While taking our first set of pictures, it was apparent that we were not comfortable in our own skin. As we began our program, the details seemed daunting and overwhelming. However, once you start really looking at the food preparation and efficient exercise, we began to see the simplicity of the lifestyle. Now it was time to hit the grocery stores and stock up.

During the planning, we soon discovered the ability to customize our supplementation. Several of us wanted to focus on fat loss while others wanted to increase their strength and muscle mass. With the variety of Thermo DynamX®, Muscle Armor®, and countless other options we could tailor the program to support our individual goals. Along with individualized supplementation, the exercise molded to fit our position in life. Our group age spans over 20 years so it’s safe to say we could not begin at the same place. This easy to follow exercise program was able to be crafted for everyone in our group according to age, fitness level, and past injury. Over the past twelve weeks, everyone has undergone a transformation we could not predict. Sure we look healthier, but the internal effects and motivation to continue the program are staggering. A journey through tough exercise and diet modification were unappreciated until around week 5. At that point, our phones started ringing because the belts moved and pants fit better. The progress-driven excitement kicked the entire group into high gear. We all started to look forward to the exercise and comparing recipes and tips. Our drive and focus began to shift from group accountability to striving for ourselves. This shift in mental conditioning furthered our commitment to our new lifestyle without the normal propensity to stop when finished. Gathering as a group to take our final pictures was the culmination of a rewarding twelve weeks. We are all at the lowest body fat percentages in our lives and that is just the start. Body-for-LIFE® gave us the education needed for a better future and healthier families. BAD GUYS BEWARE!

*Individual results will vary

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