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Michelle Simpson

2009 Champion Simpson


Occupation: Global Community Manager

Results: Lost 11 lbs. of scale weight in 12-weeks*

Michelle Simpson

As I walked down through our local open-air mall, I noticed an appreciative stare and then I felt my husband’s hand on the small of my back. Wow, things have changed since I was introduced to Body-for-LIFE®.
In January of 2001 I weighed 300 pounds. I completed 3 Challenges and lost down to a comfortable 180 pounds by the end of 2002. Thinking I had gotten everything I could out of the program, I continued to maintain that weight loss for seven years. In January of 2009, I had the realization that I was settling for less than I could accomplish and I knew Body-for-LIFE was the way to make the changes I desired to make.
I started Challenge four on February 1st and with that Challenge came renewed respect for myself and for the Body-for-LIFE Challenge. At the completion of Challenge five, which I started on May 3rd, 2009, I’m now at 158 pounds with 23.7% body fat having lost 10 more pounds of fat and gaining 1 pound of muscle bringing my total loss to 141 pounds!
I am convinced that women can look and feel better as we age and we shouldn’t be making excuses. We should be busy making changes. I’ve set an example of healthy living for my teen-aged son. It brings me great joy to tell my story to anyone that asks what I am doing to achieve my results. When people hear the story of the old me back from 2001, they are astounded a coworker recently told me that I am “driven and inspiring.” To that I would add “immensely grateful.”  I feel as if I’ve already become a champion.  Winning would icing on the cake. At one time I thought sending in my previously completed Challenge packets would be closure when there was work yet to be done.
I am now convinced that each completed Challenge is the continuation of a healthy and rewarding Body-for-LIFESTYLE!!

* Individual results will vary

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