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Michael Key

2010, challenger, key


Occupation: Real Estate Entrepreneur
Results: Gained 35 pounds of muscle*

Michael Key

For extraordinary results, one must elevate themselves to an extraordinary standard, and conduct themselves accordingly and accept or yield to nothing less.

Recently, I looked around at my life and that of others my age. While some were in excellent shape, living successful and rewarding lives; a majority were like me, declining in many ways with no sense of hope or purpose.  As I continue to assess my situation and the circumstances of failed relationships, no children, separation from family, illness, premature aging, financial loss and even death, all I could see was a bleak future. In addition, my energy was depleted.  I was mentally unable to overcome personal challenges and all of this negatively impacted my livelihood. I was a broken man.

Even though I had previously completed the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge I could not understand why I had returned back to this point in my life.  I began an inward journey to seek the explanation for the failure.  I refused to live a mediocre life. I knew Body-for-LIFE® could inspire me to greatness in just 12 weeks.  You see, I was not trying to lose fat to make room for muscle; I was doing just the opposite. I was a tall, skinny man and I was determined to change my physique, have more energy and become more focused.  I knew Body-for-LIFE® could show me the way. I know I had to create a diet to add proteins and carbohydrates and minimize fats to increase and expand muscle into size and strength.  To me this became an insurmountable task.  First, I realized I had to organize my mind, body and spirit, in perfect union.  Next, I knew Body-for-LIFE® called for detailed preparation, and an investment in “self” and a desire to reach out to others, meet life challenges and face weaknesses without them destroying you.  Finally, I realized the mission and goal was much larger than any one individual or circumstance.  It brought me to the greatest lesson of all.  I wasn’t striving to just win or be first; I was learning to develop a new life both inner and outer.  I went from 165 lbs to 200 lbs.  I increased my muscle to 35 pounds with very little body fat; I was ecstatic!

I incorporated daily discipline, which included meditating, reading, and spiritual growth and knowledge.  I mastered meal planning, scheduling, and adherence to exercise regimens with no exceptions.  I started to teach others so I could continue to learn and improve.  We all improved, strengthening our inner self first, which manifested outer extraordinary results!  My building blocks once again resurged, reassured and recharged my mantra:

“Extraordinary mindset, extraordinary purpose, extraordinary persistence, extraordinary change, extraordinary effort!  1 more rep, 1 more pound, 1 more minute, Body-for-LIFE!”

The Challenge has taught me to confront my fear of failure as a repeat contestant.  To stay committed to the whole me, not just my immediate circumstances.  It helped me to discover the importance of supplements to improving health; and to cleanse my body of harmful toxins, stress and nutrient depletion.  Most of all it introduced me to the fundamentals of physiology; which taught me what the body requires in any one area to make that move from small mass to a greater size and strength.  Friends and colleagues that see me want to know what I have been doing.  So often I’m asked to talk about the program.  Now I persist, I do not confirm, I celebrate that with Body-for-LIFE®, I have transformed.  I recently met several people, who are accepting the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge: we’ve started a new financial venture and life is wonderful.

*Individual results may vary.

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