Success Stories

Meredith Brown

Champion 1997 Brown


Products Used: Myoplex® Shakes

Results: Cut her body fat in half and gaining 5 pounds of muscle *

Goal: Lean and Tone

Meredith Brown

After gaining 26 pounds with a second pregnancy, which ended in stillbirth, Meredith found herself out of shape and overweight. Working in a chiropractic office that promoted health and wellness, Meredith knew she had to change something. Then she found out about the Challenge and became excited. “I decided to take the Challenge seriously and after the first few weeks I started seeing major results,” Meredith says. “Our patients started noticing my change and the next thing I knew I was consulting patients on diet and exercise! My confidence was coming back; I had a sense of empowerment.” Cutting her body fat in half and gaining 5 pounds of muscle, Meredith has become a better mother and daughter due to this contest. “The Challenge has helped me attain a goal that has made such a difference in my life and the lives of others that I must now share my enthusiasm with everyone I can and help them achieve their goals.”

* Individual results will vary

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