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Melinda Parker

Champion 2005, Parker


Occupation: Homemaker/ Accountant

Results: Lost 44 pounds of fat. Gained 7 pounds of muscle *

Goal: Fat Loss

Melinda Parker

Melinda Parker had 11 reasons to complete her Body-for-LIFE® Challenge.

I have an amazing story to tell! It seems unbelievable to me, but it’s true. The transformation that has occurred in my life has left me amazed at what can be attained when one puts their whole heart and mind into it.

I am the mother of 11 children between the ages of 19 and 3. They are the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of having and raising a large and loving family. Another dream, however, of having a fabulous body, after having given birth to so many children, seemed unattainable. Having turned 40 and then moving up to a size 14, despite all my efforts, made me want to cry.

Receiving your mailing about the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge was a godsend. I resolved that day to accept the challenge and to get fit! As a result, I lost 45 pounds of fat and gained eight pounds of muscle. I did it all at home, using dumbbells, a treadmill and my mountain bike.

I am so excited that so many people have been motivated by my transformation, from teens to older folks, and they all want to know how I did it and it’s so much fun telling them all about it! The “I don’t have time” excuse dies before they can say it, because they are thinking, “If the mother of 11 children can make the time and attain these kinds of results, what is my excuse?”

This has been a life-changing experience, affecting me not only physically, but just as much, emotionally and spiritually. I feel empowered, like anything is possible if I really want it! I am a better wife, mother and friend. I can’t seem to quit smiling, because I feel so good, inside and out. I am full of energy and am enjoying my husband and kids more than ever. I was an average, middle-aged, wife and mother, who, by taking the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge, has indeed CHANGED FOR LIFE! I sincerely thank you for this new life!!

*Individual results will vary

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