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Matthew McClelland

2010 Champion McClelland


Occupation: IT

Results: Lost 40 pounds of fat.*

Goal: Lean and Strong

Matthew McClelland

I was always an athlete; a skinny agile kid who kept growing and filling out, getting bigger and stronger, pushing myself harder, until I eventually found myself as a freshman linebacker at Brown University. My collegiate career was short-lived; a knee injury and subsequent surgery brought it to a screeching halt.
For the first time in as long as I could remember, I was out of sports, had no schedule and was 580 miles from parental supervision. I ate and played video games, gained weight and earned the nickname “sloth” from my friends.
The weight gain accelerated about ten years ago when my wife (then fiance) and I moved to New York City. I was like a kid in a candy store with 24-hour access to whatever I felt like eating. I gained 50 pounds in our first year.
Two summers ago, I dropped almost 70 pounds and kept it off for almost 2 years. Sure it fluctuated, that happens, but 12 weeks ago I was in serious trouble. At 232 pounds I was well above my “line in the sand” weight, sliding quickly toward 240 and beyond. I was down to two or three shirts and a pair of jeans that still fit; otherwise it was the “comfortable” waistline of my sweats. I was back on the yo-yo, dropping 5 pounds, feeling good and putting on 7. My weight was creeping up and I had worked too hard to let it continue down that path.
It was time to get back to work, for my wife, for my 4 sons, and for myself. I needed to set a better example for my boys so they would never feel the pain and embarrassment I felt.
I entered Body-for-LIFE® not to get a jump-start, not for motivation, but to win. To finish what I started two years ago, and show my sons that anything is possible. I wanted to be the before and after photos that people look at and say “impressive.”
The first week didn’t go well, the second was worse. I was sluggish and struggling, something was wrong. The more I did, the worse I felt. At the end of the second week, I was at the doctors and diagnosed with walking pneumonia. I recovered through week 3.
I refused to quit and used it as motivation: “I’m going to do in 9 weeks what people will say is impossible in 12.” I dusted myself off and got back to work.
By the end of week 4 it was full speed ahead, waking up at 4:30, taking my Phosphagen Elite and hitting the gym at 5. I dropped 12 pounds fast, then watched fat melt off while my weight stayed the same. I was packing on muscle faster than I thought possible.
I continued to push myself harder, each workout I challenged myself to lift a little more, to run a little faster. I could no longer fly under the radar at the gym. People were curious. I found myself answering questions and explaining why I drank Myoplex® in the locker room, or the importance of proper nutrition. I was an example!
12 weeks later, here I am, truly astonished, looking at my before and afters thinking “impossible.” But it isn’t, I’m the proof. Thank you EAS®!

*Individual results will vary
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