Success Stories

Mary Johnson

Champion 2003, Johnson


Results: Lost 11 pounds of fat, gained 6 pounds of muscle and went from a size 8 to a size 4 *

Goal: Lean and Tone

Mary Johnson

For the past 2 ½ years Mary has had no control over her miscarriage, infertility or her development of arthritis of the joints in the spine. Mary wanted to be in control of her body and prove to herself that she was strong enough to finish something she started. “With each day that I successfully completed the Challenge, I gained pride in the fact that I was keeping a promise I had made to myself,” Mary says. “I knew I was making good decisions about my health and my future.” Mary disliked waking up in the morning due to severe neck and back pain; to sit up she would take in and hold a deep breath of air. Now, Mary feels her best in the mornings and she knows it’s because of the Body-for-LIFE® Program. In 12 weeks, Mary lost 11 pounds of fat and gained 6 pounds of muscle; she boxed up her size 8 clothes only to bring out her size 4 clothes! “I’m proud of myself because I’ve proven that I keep my promises and strive to do my very best,” Mary says. “I like who I have become. I want to be this happy person for the rest of my life.”

*Individual results will vary

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