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Marnie Schmitt

2008 Champion Marnie Schmitt


Occupation: Floral Designer

Products: Myoplex® Lite Chocolate Fudge Ready-to-Drink, Myoplex® Lite Chocolate Chocolate Chip Crisp

Results: Lost 15.5 lbs. of scale weight while decreasing body fat by 10.6% in 12-weeks *

Goal: Fat Loss

Marnie Schmitt

Change has always been hard for me. I was comfortable with things in my life staying the same. I had become good at pretending everything was fine … even when it wasn’t. My mom died suddenly, my relationship with my husband of 24 years was bad, I was unhappy with my job, and my only daughter left home. I had headaches constantly, my glands were always swollen and I felt sick. I would wake up exhausted and wanted to stay in bed. I lived on ibuprofen and cola. I still went to the gym but didn’t have energy so I just went through the motions. I had become tired, depressed and lazy. I started eating whenever I was stressed, sad, or lonely and the extra pounds followed. I was in denial telling myself I was just bloated. I even thought I must have a medical reason for gaining weight … it must be my endometriosis. The truth was, I had let myself go! My daughter had become very unhealthy while living in L.A. She started dieting the wrong way which triggered binge eating. After moving home, she confessed to me just how bad it was. I was so scared for her and knew we had to do something! I had always wanted to do it but never had it in me to commit. This time was different!

I cried when I saw my before pictures. I could not believe that was me. I was absolutely disgusted and determined never to look like that again! I thought I knew a lot about working out … after all, I had taught aerobics for 15 years. After looking at my before pictures, it was obvious I was doing something wrong! I had to change my thinking. I knew if I wanted to get healthy I would have to be open-minded and follow all the advice in the book. I was skeptical about the workouts because they didn’t sound very hard … and only 20 minutes of cardio?! I thought … that can’t possibly work. Boy, was I wrong! I had never worked out with such intensity!! I loved challenging myself and pushing past my self imposed limits. My daughter and I adapted quickly to healthy eating. We had so much fun planning and preparing meals together. There have been so many positive changes. During the 7th week I won my 1st medal by placing 1st in a 5K race. Instead of being depressed and tired I became positive, happy and energetic. My posture improved, I’ve found new muscles, I have a waist again, and I can’t stop smiling.

I am stronger and healthier now at 42 than I’ve ever been. I am amazed at how much a person can transform in just 12 weeks! I now have the confidence and motivation to continue making changes in other areas of my life. I have a renewed zest for life and wake up excited, knowing I can accomplish anything. I am SO thankful for the BFL Challenge! It has changed my life and taught me how to be a better person. My daughter and I have regained the health we had lost, and seeing her transformation has been priceless! Every day we have choices … a choice to be happy … and a choice to be healthy. Carpe Diem!

* Individual results will vary

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