Success Stories

Mark Martig

2016 Champion Mark Martig


Results: Lost 37 lbs of fat and gained 32 lbs of muscle.*   Goal: Manage Weight

Mark Martig

I knew my attitude and character needed changing, even more than my body. My wife left me back in October of 2015, and that really hurt me. I was fat, tired, and felt miserable. I felt depressed and had very little confidence. Also, I had a neck injury that basically made it difficult to lift weights. I do not have a muscle on the right side of my neck (levator scapulae) because my nerves are pinched and do not connect to the muscle. This happened from a hit I took while boxing many years ago. Despite this injury, I was going to do this contest to the best of my abilities and use everything I have anyway. That is what I did. I became so determined. Each day I lifted weights, did my running, ate healthy, took my supplements. I became stronger and stronger. My momentum was getting stronger each day, and it was creating a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for life again. That feeling was so strong it was making the pain disappear. I could only focus on getting happy and being excited. I was doing exercises that hurt when I started but I got used to them. I could not do a bench press when I started, but reached 200 pounds by the time I finished. I gained 32 lbs. of muscle and lost 37 lbs. of fat in 12 weeks; my body fat went from 26.8% to 8.8%. I am 51 and feel 31. No excuses! Thank you Body-for-LIFE! 

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