Success Stories

Lynn Lingenfelter

Champion 1997 Lingenfelter


Products Used: Myoplex® Shakes

Results: Gained muscle and strength *

Goal: Lean and Strong

Lynn Lingenfelter

In 1983 Lynn was shot in a hunting accident, which changed the course of his life forever. Four years after his two major surgeries Lynn decided to get tested for HIV because of the 38 pints of blood he had been given after the hunting accident. Lynn tested positive. He had then developed an unhealthy lifestyle—his weight soared to 230 pounds, he was depressed and sometimes slept all day. HIV was getting the best of him but he didn’t give up. “I decided to rebuild my life,” Lynn says. He started his “comeback” by rebuilding his body. After joining the Challenge, Lynn gained valuable knowledge about training and nutrition. “In just a few weeks I built enough strength and muscle that I knew there was no way I would give up,” Lynn says. “Winning the Challenge was a huge factor in my motivation, as well as meeting my own goal of looking and feeling better about myself. The rebuilding of my body has given me my life back.”
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