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Lori Greschler

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Occupation: Business Owner/Published Author
Results: Lost 13 pounds of fat*

Lori Greschler

Over 2 million people have embraced Body-for-LIFE® over the last decade. The scientifically proven system has transformed the lives of people across the globe. Since 1996, 151 contestants have been honored and their awe-inspiring stores gave me the mindset to change my life.

I was diagnosed with a paralyzed vocal cord and lost the ability to speak. I was confined to using and amplifier and hit and all time low in my life. I felt lethargic, my breathing was labored and I was unable to swallow liquids, take mediation or even sleep. It all seemed so unfair. I was only 39 and my life was spiraling out of control. I had two options: I could continue to drown in my sorrows or believe in myself 100% and build my Body-for-LIFE.  I took the Challenge. They say nothing worth doing is easy, and my journey was certainly not easy! Workouts were initially problematic because the paralysis made breathing difficult. So I learned to pace myself. I also considerably lacked strength and initially struggled with lifting only 2 pounds.

As my breathing improved and my strength increased, my outlook on life changed, as did my desire to become a champion! I pushed as if my life depended on it - and frankly it did. I pushed for one more tricep extension, one more bicep curl, one more pound, one more time, until I literally couldn’t push any more. I would go to any length to succeed, and 2 pounds soon turned into 20 pounds.

Miraculously, by week 5, my left vocal cord and neck muscles were so strong that I gained my voice back despite having the adjacent side permanently paralyzed. The doctors were simply amazed at my recovery and I was the talk of the hospital. Now they are implementing weight training and Body-for-LIFE® as a source of therapy for vocal cord paralysis.

Accepting this Challenge was the single most important decision in my life. The last 84 days have taught me many valuable lessons. While lifting in the gym and reaching those #10 high points, I learned how to dig deep within and apply that method to how I approach life - with purpose and dedication.  I will never take my health for granted and will continue to honor myself. The paralysis is permanent, but the hope and voice that Body-for-LIFE® gave me has forever changed my life.

In the end, I lost 13 pounds, increased my strength by 90%, dropped my body fat from 28% to 12% and transformed from the inside out. Just imagine, in 84 days you too can have a lean hard body, energy from sunset to sundown and the power to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.  

Thank you EAS® and Body-for-LIFE®!

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