Success Stories

Kerry Young

2012 champion Kerry Young


Results: Lost  30 pounds of fat.* Goal: Manage Weight

Kerry Young

My inner transformation is much more drastic than my outer transformation yet it is much less visible. Before I began the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge I was depressed, lethargic, reclusive, and generally miserable. If I smiled, it was only an outward display to make other people feel at ease; it was never how I really felt. I hated how I looked and how I felt. I was stuck in a never-ending cycle of overeating and hating myself. I would eat enough for an overweight man, and then feel guilty about it. I would then see myself in a mirror and immediately go eat something to "make me feel better." Then I would again eat enough for an overweight man, and feel guilty. My outlook on life was negative. A few weeks into the Challenge I began noticing subtle differences. Sometimes I smiled because I felt better. I looked at food in a whole new light. I realized that I had crushed the unhealthy cycle I was stuck in and my outlook on life was beginning to be more positive. Now that I have finished my first Challenge, I smile all the time; I even laugh! I no longer feel "junk food urges"; I eat healthily and feel healthy. My outlook on life is sunny and extremely positive! I look FORWARD to what the next day brings instead of dreading waking up in the morning. I have found the real Kerry who was hiding in an unhealthy cycle.
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