Success Stories

Kenneth Young

Champion 2004, Young


Occupation: Active duty Marine

Results: Lost over 25 pounds of fat and went from a 34-inch waist to a 30-inch *

Goal: Lean and Strong

Kenneth Young

As an active duty Marine who works at the White House, Kenneth found excuses to not work out and eat right. Then one day Kenneth realized that if the President could find one hour a day to stay in shape then there was no way he could continue making excuses for himself. Once starting the Challenge, Kenneth quit smoking after 13 years. “I wanted to look good on the outside as well as on the inside,” Kenneth says. Kenneth lost over 25 pounds of fat and went from a 34-inch waist to a 30-inch. “Since starting the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge, I set goals that cannot be easily achieved and by doing so I find myself working harder and receiving a more fulfilling sense of self-worth,” Kenneth says. “I’m in better shape now than I was almost 10 years ago when I graduated from 12 weeks of Marine Corps boot camp!”

*Individual results will vary

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