Success Stories

Joel Marion

Champion 2001, Marion


Occupation: Student majoring in Corporate Fitness

Results: Increased his lean muscle mass by 22.5 pounds, while maintaining his healthy body fat percentage *

Goal: Size and Strength

Joel Marion

Marion is a 19-year-old student majoring in Corporate Fitness who took on the assignment of completing his second Body-for-LIFE® Challenge. He was so exhilarated from the results of his first Body-for-LIFE® Challenge that he could not wait to take it to the next level. Starting with an impressive seven percent body fat, Marion went to the head of the class by increasing his lean muscle mass by 22.5 pounds—all while maintaining his healthy body fat percentage. “This Challenge has brought me to the realization that the choice to change is mine! By sticking with the Challenge from start to finish, I now recognize that I can do anything that I truly choose to make a reality.” Marion is certainly a Body-for-LIFE® star student.

*Individual results will vary

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