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Jessica Max

2013 Champ Jessica Max


Goal: Loose 35 lbs, lower body fat to 22.5% Results: Lost 38 lbs, lowered body fat to 21.6%

Jessica Max

A difficult and humbling experience was finding the motivation for this Challenge. I had entered the Body-for-LIFE previously and lost. Years later, I realized that I wasn't a champion - neither in title nor behavior. 

I decided it was time to find the champion within. I was embarrassed I had gained the weight back. But self-pity isn't a solution and binge eating never solved a single one of my problems. The road to success is non-linear. I didn't need to feel ashamed. Self-sabotage and feeling unworthy put the pounds back on. I needed action to create my comeback. 

Years ago, in a car accident, I hit a pedestrian who now has severe physical and cognitive damage. PTSD, guilt, and depression tore apart my life in the aftermath. Once I realized my worth, results came. But I realized the results were only an outside manifestation of how I felt. 

During the Challenge, I had some demons to battle. It was me against me. But I realized I could come out a winner. I knew that in the process, I would have to deal with adversity. However I wasn't expecting to handle such a deep depression during my Challenge.

This time was different - I kept going! I knew it was the saboteur inside trying to keep me down, and it was time I stood up for myself! Seeing this through to the end, taught me I don't just have control over my fitness, but over my WHOLE LIFE. 

I changed how the voices inside were allowed to speak to me. I can't control everything, though taking charge of my health makes even something like a depression more manageable. I'm proud of the physical results, though my greatest achievement from this challenge is getting "ME" back! I'm grateful!
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