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Jen Weatherman

Champion 2006, Weatherman


Occupation: Preschool Teacher

Products: AdvantEDGE®, Carb Control Bars, Thermo DynamX®

Results: Lost 19 pounds and 15.5 inches *

Goal: Lean and Tone

Jen Weatherman

My Body-for-LIFE® journey began when I realized how disgusted and ashamed I was with myself. I was busting out of my largest size 10 jeans and hiding my upper body with men’s t-shirts. I was tired all the time with no energy to even walk the block with my daughter. I was constantly craving candy and eating fast foods giving me indigestion—and that made me irritable towards everyone. I was a mess! Not only was I fat and lazy on the outside, I was insecure and defensive on the inside. I wanted to change, but I didn’t know where to begin.

When my Internet search led me to the BFL website, I immediately knew I found my plan. I read and viewed all the before and afters and was convinced that I could achieve amazing body changes as the previous champions. So I got the Body-for-LIFE® book and began my transformation. No more excuses!

I began telling my family, friends, and co-workers that I was doing the BFL challenge. I started going to the gym. I separated my BFL foods from the family pantry, so I always had healthly options to choose. And I posted my before pics online for the world to see!
As days turned into weeks, my flabby body began to harden with muscle and take new shape. My clothes fit comfortably. I was changing! I felt happy again, confident and in control of my life having more energy than I ever remembered. After 12 weeks, I had lost 21 lbs. of body fat and gained 2.5 lbs. of lean muscle, making my body fat drop from 25% to 12%. My jean size went from a 10 to a size 4, and my overall inches lost were 15.5 inches.

My BFL journey has taught me so much about myself. I am not weak, but strong. I have the ability to accomplish anything I put my heart and mind to. Not only has my body and confidence level changed, but my life overall is amazing now. I’m a pleasant, more giving wife, a fun and energetic mom, and a supportive nurturing friend who views others’ needs in a BFL way. Body-for-LIFE® is a blessing! I want to share my BFL blessing with everyone!

P.S. My bodyforlife – tracker and bodyforlifers profile name is “1leanmom” – thanks to BFL, that’s exactly what I am now!

*Individual results will vary

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