Success Stories

Jeff Seidman

Champion 1997 Seidman


Products Used: Myoplex® Shakes

Results: Gained 27 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks *

Size and Strength

Jeff Seidman

Putting his primary focus on working on his financial future, Jeff’s fitness goals sat on the back burner until he saw the Challenge. “As I read about the contest, my pulse raced and my imagination ran wild,” Jeff said. “I pictured myself winning this contest and getting in the best shape of my life. Right then and there I decided to enter the Challenge and win!” Jeff found that even with his busy schedule he made time to dedicate himself to the Challenge and made no excuses. He started setting goals for himself and by the end of his first week Jeff could actually see and feel his muscles strengthening. “I was increasing my weights every workout,” Jeff says. “As my muscles grew my motivation grew. I ended up gaining 27 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks and my strength went through the roof.”

* Individual results will vary

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