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Jason Parker

Challenger Parker


Occupation: Delivery Driver

Results: Lots 13 pounds of fat*

Jason Parker

What a journey it's been! Twelve weeks ago I was out of shape, out of time and had no energy. Indulging in unhealthy behavior was a daily ritual for me. I was eating too much, drinking excessively and had little physical activity. I understood that this lifestyle was destructive and not leading me to where I needed to go, yet I was doing nothing to improve my life or my family's life. It was always "tomorrow I'll go for a run, eat better, no alcohol, put up those shelves in the bedroom." It was at my uncle's funeral that I realized there is no "tomorrow," there's only today! He died young (59) from a lifestyle that was not healthy, as did my dad many years prior. My family deserved more from me than what I had been giving and I decided that day to give them the husband and father they needed me to be.

Moving forward was easy once I flipped the switch in my brain to commit to the Body-for-LIFE® program. What better place to start than right here! I've always prided myself in being in shape despite my 2 years of lost focus. I competed in the Challenge in 2008, and remembering the passion and discipline I experienced then and the amazing transformation I accomplished, reminded me of what I had to do. On my birthday, I treated myself with a gym membership and a fresh bag of Myoplex along with Phosphagen HP. I purchased a new notebook and numbered each day of my transformation. I wrote down each day's workout, food, supplement intake, thought and calories burned even more in depth than before.

After just a few weeks of proper nutrition, training and rest, the results came (as I knew they would). My strength, stamina and love of life improved dramatically. I was doing it and loving it! My confidence soared and I decided to help others achieve results as well, by becoming a certified personal trainer. To hold myself accountable I told my clients and everyone around me about the Challenge so they knew I wasn't just "going through the motions." I was a man on the move.

Competing in this challenge has lead me to helping others achieve their goals in weight loss and strength training by implementing strategies and principles as outlined in the Body-for-LIFE® book. So it stands to reason that this spirit of improvement would flow into other aspects of living, like, what does it take to truly be inspired and happy? For me, it's helping others reach their goals. I'm excited to say that I've resumed my studies that I had to put on hold years ago and am well on my way to becoming a registered nurse. 

By stacking one successful day on another, I've achieved my Body-for-LIFE®, have rediscovered what it means to be passionate about something and gained a mentality that moves forward, always forward. That's my new mantra that's lead to this success and future achievements. Thanks guys, you really do change lives! Forward, always forward!

* Body-for-LIFE fitness goals vary by person, but through proper diet and resistance training, the Body-for-LIFE program can help you achieve yours.

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