Success Stories

Jason and Alicia Romer

2009 Featured Challenger Group


Occupation: Owner/Manager of Romer’s Catering: Overdrive

Results: Lost 44 lbs. and 23 lbs. of scale weight in 12 weeks*

Goal: Fat Loss

Jason and Alicia Romer

“You guys look great! What have you been doing? What!!!! You two lost 75 pounds of fat!” This is what we have been hearing non-stop everywhere we go recently. We explain to people that we just completed the 12 week Body-for-LIFE® Challenge and that in addition to looking better we also feel so much healthier.
During the past year, our lives were turned upside down with what seemed like a lifetime’s worth of work, stress, and grieving all rolled into one 12-month span. We decided to start a new business that eventually failed to prosper and as we were dealing with the stress of that, we were overwhelmed with three separate deaths of two grandparents and an uncle who we were very close to. We both dealt with the stress and grieving differently, but our bodies ended up the same.
Over the course of the year, our already unhealthy eating habits became even worse. The truly sad thing was that it was not only the two of us that were being affected, but our three little girls had also become helpless victims in the process. They ate the same unhealthy food that we relied on to get us through our crazy days and were starting to see the same results as us.
After an entire year of living this way, we finally had enough. Enough of not being able to fit in any of our clothes. Enough of feeling sluggish and weak. Enough of feeling unattractive and subconscious of what others were thinking about our appearance. Enough of watching our children becoming unhealthy and knowing they were learning horrible eating and fitness habits from us. Plain and simple, we had enough of being fat and out of shape!

We sat down together at Christmas and discussed how unhealthy we both felt and the toll it was taking on our entire family. Then we remembered how a relative had amazing results getting into shape and changing their life with the Body­-for-LIFE program. We decided that we would take the BFL Challenge and take control of our lives in the new upcoming year. We got the book and researched everything on the Internet and became even more motivated when we saw that there were cash prizes for the winners. Next, we did one of the most important things that we would suggest to everyone planning on starting the challenge. We told everyone that we came into contact with that we were going to take the BFL Challenge and that it was the last time they were going to see us fat and out of shape. We knew that the more people we told, the more pressure we would feel to completely dedicate ourselves to changing our life with the BFL Challenge.
We then started to plan our workout routines and created menus for better eating habits. We did our pre-test measurements and then helped each other create goals. Our first goal was to not let anything get in the way of completing the 12-week challenge. Then we got specific as to how much weight, inches, and % body fat we wanted to lose. We recorded everything and although they seemed like very tough goals, we decided we were going to do everything BFL suggested and see what happened.
The first week was hard for us. We were sore from the exercise and neither of us were used to eating 6 meals a day and struggled to drink water instead of soda. Cutting out fats and sweets were also hard because we were so used to them, but we followed the Body-for-LIFE meal plan and we focused more on the number of meals, portion sizes, and eating high-protein/low-fat foods more than our caloric intake. We both felt like we were eating more food than we were before we started this so-called diet plan and wondered how we were going to reach our goals eating so often. Then came our “free-day” which we both took full advantage of with the Value Meals we had been missing all week and the sweets. We thought that this was too good to be true and that the people who were pictured on the web site as “past champions” must not have truly followed the program in order to see those types of results. It wasn’t until we stepped on the scale after the first week and saw that we had lost a combined 12 pounds that we realized that we were not going to have to starve ourselves to reach our goals and our confidence grew.
Every day seemed to get easier for us to exercise and eat right and after the 12 weeks we both crushed our goals. We lost a combined 75 pounds of fat while gaining 10 pounds of muscle. We both dropped several clothes sizes and were upset when we realized that several years ago, we gave up on ever fitting into our “skinny clothes” again and donated it all to charity. It is amazing to look at our before and after pictures, and we laughed hysterically when our youngest daughter saw our “before” pictures and asked, “Who are these people?” We are so thankful for the BFL Challenge because it has made a huge difference in our lives. We both look and feel so much better and it seems like every aspect of our lives has taken a turn for the better. Thank you EAS and the Body-for-LIFE Challenge.
* Individual results will vary

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