Success Stories

Jared Horomona



Results: Dropped body fat while gaining muscle *

Goal: Size and Strength

Jared Horomona

This 30-year-old from New Zealand loves a challenge. Jared always needs something to focus on, to overcome and to supply him with the satisfaction of achievement. Having cerebral palsy, his lack of coordination and strength in his hands adds to the difficulty of working with weights and other active sports. Jared has completed many challenges that most people wouldn’t even try, despite his adversities. He has completed the New York City Marathon twice, on his crutches. Jared dropped body fat while gaining muscle. "My body is stronger, leaner, fitter and healthier. The set routines of exercise, rest, reading and eating have given me confidence to organize my life in a positive way. I have a stronger belief in myself."

*Individual results will vary

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