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James Bond

Champion 2005, Bond


Occupation: Database Administrator

Results: Lost 28 pounds of fat. Gained 12 pounds of muscle *

Goal: Lean and Tone

James Bond

A BFLer with a famous moniker makes his own name through fitness.

It is so exciting to attach these photos! I can’t believe that is me. Like many folks today, I grew up on fast food. So, even being active in sports, being pudgy and lethargic was a fact of life. “James Bond”, a name most guys would love to have, only magnifies my awkward chubbiness. In any event, I was able to convince a lovely woman and her three kids to accept me. I had started The Challenge a few times but never finished… life overcame my zeal before I saw results. The last time was in March of 2000, but within a few weeks my wife developed serious complications during pregnancy.

Once blessed with a healthy baby girl, BFL drifted off the radar. Three years ago we sold everything and moved to L.A. to pursue acting. We wanted to prove that devoted parents of four could achieve their dreams. After a great start, we found ourselves battling health issues again and we were becoming depressed. I was an obese 33-year-old, my knees hurt, I had chronic lower back pain, and I would spend many a night at my new recreational sport of devouring an entire bag of chocolates.

Then I overheard talk at work about the BFL 10-year-anniversary and I was about to shrug it off but that evening I heard my baby girl whisper, “Whoa, Daddy’s got a big butt!” It was time to stop this nonsense. My girls helped me make meals and my son was my training partner. There was no way I was wimping out in front of them. I needed an iron-clad reason “why.” My “why” were the dreams of my family. Their optimism was dying with mine. So now that I’ve completed the task, I’m renewed with enthusiasm. I have regained that lost confidence. The reactions from my kids, (“Whoa, Dad has a real six pack!”) were worth more than gold. Thanks go to my wife who put up with my whining and then got me back in the champion mindset. This journey has taught me so much about myself. I have learned that everything we do mindlessly to ourselves will pull us down, but everything we do purposefully for ourselves will lift us up! I thank God for the strength to finish the task. I thank EAS for providing everyday people the motivation to become their very best! Once again, I believe in going after your dreams! Thanks!

*Individual results will vary

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