Success Stories

Hedrick Middle School PE Department

2007 Champion Group


Occupation: Physical Education Teachers

Names: Susan Holt, Wendy Barrie, Sandee Kensinger, Daniel Keck, Kathy Pauck

Products Used: Myoplex® Lite Shakes, Myoplex® Lite Bars, 100% Whey Protein, Myoplex® Carb Control Bars

Results: Lost a combined total of 93 lbs. of scale weight amongst the group in 12-Weeks *

Goal: Fat Loss

Hedrick Middle School PE Department

If we only had a pound of muscle for every time we’ve heard the words “You are so lucky. You get to play games and work out for a living!” As middle school physical education teachers, it would appear that we have the ideal job for maintaining a regular fitness routine. The ugly truth is that we, like everyone else, have to deal with the day-to-day problems that can become obstacles on the road to a healthy lifestyle. In our personal lives, we have collectively experienced divorce, debilitating injuries, pregnancy, and serious family illness. Then, there was the ongoing job stress associated with looming budget cuts in our district and major reductions in health and P.E. staff due to a lack of funding and support. How did accomplished athletes and seasoned physical educators morph into out-of-shape, overweight and exhausted gym dropouts? LIFE!!

There was no denying that we were at the point where we needed to do SOMETHING to get back to being the ambassadors for fitness and healthy living we once were. But quite honestly, we didn’t believe we could ever do it using the same methods we used in our younger, more flexible and less complicated days. So, the real question was…how do REAL people with REAL lives and REAL obligations incorporate fitness and a healthy diet into their already overloaded day and still find time for the things that are most important like their family and their sanity???? The answer: Body-for-LIFE®!!

Overcrowded classes and lack of funds aside, one of the more positive aspects of our job is that we spend a lot of time together sharing facilities and co-teaching units. Basically, we were already a team (albeit more like the Bad News Bears at this point) so deciding to commit to the Body-for-LIFE® challenge as a group made sense. We were a close knit bunch before but seeing each other stripped down to our swimsuits in our current state of “fitness” forced us to embrace a whole new level of togetherness. We did our photo in the morning and spent the rest of the day walking around in “swimsuit shock”. Looking back, that day proved to be just the catalyst we needed to begin our 12-week mental and physical transformation. From that day on, the time we used to spend commiserating with each other over the setbacks in our personal and professional life was now spent sharing new recipes or workout tips. Being too busy for lunch became a thing of the past. We started eating together, enjoying the fact that we were not only eating great food, but we were also providing support for each other. The chocolate lovers in the group could hardly believe it but previously out-of-control cravings were completely satisfied by the EAS Myoplex® bars. Who needed free days when you could eat one of those? Our intrinsic competitive natures soon resurfaced and we couldn’t help but want to work harder and do better not only for our teammates but for ourselves as well.

Staff reduction and increasing student numbers dealt a major blow to teacher morale in our building over the last few years, but since starting Body-for-LIFE®, our department has never felt more motivated or better prepared to continue in our chosen profession. Our students have noticed the difference in our bodies AND our dispositions, and their words of encouragement have been a bigger inspiration than we could have ever imagined. In recent years, our state has systematically made cuts in physical education requirements across all grade levels. We firmly believe that this program has become an excellent teaching tool and a unique opportunity for us to model the results of making better health choices to our students in what little time we have with them. We think it is a great spin-off of the age-old school tradition of “Show and Tell”. As an added bonus, there have been a number of parents notice the changes and ask about Body-for-LIFE®. We have happily shared our experience with them. It is our hope that encouraging parents to embrace the Body-for-LIFE® lifestyle will create another avenue for us to have a lasting impact on their children’s health. If we accomplish that, we would consider ourselves to be true champions.

* Individual results will vary

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