Success Stories

Heather Rosenquist

2015 Champ Heather Rosenquist


Results: Lost 17 pounds.*
Goal: Manage Weight

Heather Rosenquist

They say grad school is tough, and I was prepared for that but I was not ready for the toll it would take on my body and well-being. Being so busy, I ate more fast food, drank a lot and hardly exercised. I gained weight, and gained it fast. Before long I barely recognized myself; my pants did not fit, I was depressed, and had no energy—and my relationships suffered because of it. Fortunately, being broke meant only one thing—I start this Challenge and fit back into my clothes. I began walking more with friends and meal prepping healthy food with my family. These activities revived the bonds I had sabotaged when angry, sad and depressed. I did not know how life-changing the Challenge would be at the time, all I knew was that I had 12 weeks to find the old Heather who was happy, confident and vibrant. It was not easy, I cried—a lot. I swore—a lot. But with the love and support of family and the EAS team, I stuck with my goals and continued on. I already had the tools to eat right and work out, I just needed the motivation and this Challenge provided just that. I now fit into all my old clothes, but more importantly, I am again that happy person grad school unintentionally stole away. Through this process, I have learned balance in life and how to manage being busy and stress with enjoying myself and occasional indulgences. I am not embarrassed of that person I used to be, but rather use her to remind me of a low I never want to hit again and the importance of living healthy!
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