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Heather Green-Ortiz

Heather Green Ortiz


Results: Lost 39 lbs. of fat and went from a 39% to a 90% on her physical training test for the military * Goal: Weight Management

Heather Green-Ortiz

A Lifestyle, A Solution
Heather Green-Ortiz rediscovered Body-for-LIFE® after trying everything else and experienced life-changing success.

Heather Green-Ortiz, an officer in the Air Force, struggled with fertility problems and insulin resistance, side effects of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). When she was finally able to get pregnant, doctors warned her that she would gain a lot of weight, due to the PCOS. Unfortunately, they were right. “I gained 70 pounds during pregnancy and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes,” she says. Ten months after her baby was born, Heather continued to battle sky-high blood sugar. Soon she resorted to diet pills and every quick-fix diet, without any success. “I would lose 1 1/2 pounds one week and gain it back the next,” she recalls.

Finally, the Air Force enrolled Heather in a weight management program consisting of drastic calorie cutting and an hour of cardio each day. After a month, her results were practically non-existent. “I only lost 3 pounds, and I was literally starving myself,” she says. “That’s when I started Body-for-LIFE®.” She had heard about Body-for-LIFE years earlier, and once she started researching her condition, she realized that the weight-training workouts and small, frequent meals may be what she needed. “In the first two weeks on Body-for-LIFE, I lost 7 pounds. I was sold!” By the end of her Challenge, she had lost 39 pounds, and she went from a 39% to a 90% on her physical training test for the military.

In addition to helping improve her health, Body-for-LIFE has changed Heather’s life in many other ways. Heather has taken a position as a disease manager at the medical clinic where she works.

Top nutrition tip: Print out a copy of the BFL foods list. Keep a copy at work, on the side of your refrigerator and in your purse or wallet.

Top weight-training tip: Make sure you are sweating with each workout!

Top cardio tip: Follow the 20-Minute Aerobics Solution to a “T”, and you will see phenomenal results.

Top goal-setting tips: #1 Get organized. #2 Don’t expect results overnight. #3 Take pictures every two weeks to track your progress.

Top motivational tip:
Join a discussion group on BFL. Share your progress and read about others who have started for the same reasons as you. You will find you are not alone and that you can succeed.

Top life balance tip: You must take care of yourself first before you are able to give 100% to those around you. My lunch breaks at work are my “me” time at the gym!

*NOTE: Get the OK from your doctor before working out while pregnant. Body-for-LIFE fitness goals vary by person, but through proper diet and resistance training, the Body-for-LIFE program can help you achieve yours. For healthy weight loss Body-for-LIFE participants should expect to lose between 1-3 pounds per week.


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