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Gregory Kemp

Champion 2001, Kemp


Results: Lost 34 lbs and body fat dropped from 19 percent to 6.1 percent *

Goal: Size and Strength

Gregory Kemp

For Gregory Kemp, a 49-year-old single father, “challenge” is much more than just a word in his vocabulary. Knowing that he needed to make a dramatic change to improve his general health and physique, he pondered how he could make such a large time commitment without detracting from his highest priority, his 10-year-old son. After learning of the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge, Kemp realized that accepting the Challenge was not only a way to improve his physical appearance, but also a way for him to demonstrate to his son the powerful lessons of passion, persistence and excellence.

“My aim was to experience and, in turn, share the joy and power of realizing the only genuine success—achievement that stretches the very limits of one’s potential.”

Working closely with his son to track the regularity of his workouts, monitor nutritional habits and chart the progress of his resistance training and body composition improvements, Kemp and his son were in this together. Kemp’s persistence paid off as father and son watched Kemp’s weight fall from 246 pounds to 212 pounds and his body fat drop from 19 percent to a mere 6.1 percent. “As I posed for my ‘after’ photos, my son’s sense of pride radiated throughout the studio.”

Even with his dramatic physical transformation, Kemp understands his biggest achievement comes in his new ability to positively influence others to a similar path of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual enrichment.

*Individual results will vary

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