Success Stories

Gary and Amy Arbuckle

Champion 1999 Arbuckle


Products Used: Myoplex® Shakes

Results: lost fat and gained muscle*

Goal: Lean and Strong

Gary and Amy Arbuckle

Not fully succeeding at their half-hearted attempts to keep their “college figures,” due to careers and a new son, the Challenge gave Gary and Amy a second chance to feel fit, energetic and strong again. “We began planning our lives, mapping out or meals and our workouts, and writing down our goals,” Gary and Amy said. “We juggled our schedules so we could work out and share meals together. And the adventure began.” Seeing each other grow in a positive way became “a source of daily joy and positive energy.” “The ultimate triumph is realizing that we are now living at a higher level. And that has allowed us to become better parents, better at our careers, and it has also allowed us to help others transform.”

* Individual results will vary

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